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The pollution of greenhouse gases, such as ozone, is a major cause of global warming. It is possible to describe global warming as a release of dangerous or harmful gases or substances into the environment. There are various categories of pollution, including water pollution, thermal pollution, air pollution and soil contamination

Initially, pollution began when people were in the struggle for affordable natural resources. The industry grew irresistible and natural resources were misused. Air pollutants and waste were released into the environment, leading to the current state of global warming. Professional essay writing service The ecological imbalance is caused by severe or chronic damage that results in environmental pollution. The current direct effects of pollution, also known as primary damage, are evidence of damage caused by pollution of the natural environment. Indirect damage from pollution is known as secondary damage

Despite various categories of pollution, the Con-Glot classifies pollution as thermal, water and air pollution. Both non-toxic and toxic metals are created as by-products of different production processes. Organic gases and compounds such as carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide have also been released. If these gases and their compounds are not filtered, they lead to wastes that have toxic chemicals and metals and pollute water objects around production plants. Aquatic plants and animals die because of water pollution resulting in chemical poisoning. Thermal pollution occurs when hot water and gases used for cooling during production are released into the environment, causing a rise in temperature

Hot water and gas kill a water way of life, as the level of oxygen decreases when the temperature rises. On the other hand, pollution that occurs when the ozone gases release into the environment is destroying the ozone layer. In combination with greenhouse gases, such as CO

Apparently, global warming is causing poor health. It affects the natural ecological balance as well as the availability of food. Pollution, more soil contamination, affects crop yields combined with other factors such as acid rain and climate variability, resulting in crop production. Among the major factors leading to drought are pollution leading to deforestation

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Over time, deforestation reduces rainfall. Food is a requirement for any working State, as it is required to produce energy that makes people productive. Production people are increasing economic growth in the country. Pollution has led to a decline in the world economy, as it causes disease and drought. Contamicable diseases include cancer, which causes death and poverty

Setting the filter system results in a financial limit, which may cause the factory to shut down and eventually lose jobs. It also requires a large initial capital. However, this sacrifice is necessary because global warming affects everyone, and therefore it is necessary to fight. The installation of the filter system may be divided into minor projects as a way to reduce participation in financial constraints. This allows the company to create backup jobs and eventually create additional jobs. The upgrade of the machines may also be involved in projects. In addition to saving old plants, it increases the yield over time. The installation of the filter system saves the company from fines arising from legal claims

The installation of the filter system can also act as a form of social responsibility for the company, and it is a marketing program for a large number of products. Slogans such as “Environment-friendly tools”, “enabling environment” and “anti-global warming” are suitable for marketing products, because they have attracted most environmentalists and consumers, to whom environmental protection is now. As a rule, this strategy can increase the sales volume of the product with the help of financiers and donors who are ready to help install the filter system (Conservative Energy future, 2013)

Initially, the installation process may be costly, but given the fact that environmental preservation is now a way of life, the installation of the system seems to be very beneficial to the organizations. If the filter is not installed, it will have global implications. Therefore, reducing global warming becomes the responsibility of every human being. Pollution has led to the destruction of the environment, and it is therefore important to preserve nature by engaging in appropriate action

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